Final Flu Clinic is Tuesday, Nov 15th from 530-7pm

All children 6 months and over should receive influenza vaccine. Influenza is already circulating in the community. Here are some helpful facts:

NEW THIS YEAR: NO FLUMIST! Due to last year’s poor performance of the Flumist at preventing illness (it was so bad it was as bad as not getting vaccinated at all), the CDC/AAP/ACIP all put a halt to the nasal vaccine for this season. You won’t find it anywhere. All children and adults will get injectable vaccine.

NEW THIS YEAR: ALL EGG ALLERGIC CHILDREN CAN GET INFLUENZA VACCINE! You can have your child get influenza vaccine at the flu clinic if his/her reaction is no more severe than hives. If your child has has a more significant reaction to egg then s/he needs to have the vaccine administered at a time when s/he can be observed afterwards.

A mild illness without fever does not preclude your child from getting vaccinated. As long as s/he doesn’t have a temperature over 100.5 the day before or the day of the flu clinic, runny noses, coughs, stomach aches, exposures to illnesses, etc should not prevent vaccination.

We will be giving vaccine in the office through the flu clinic or accompanying well visits or other scheduled appointments with providers (co-pays may apply) until we have used up our supply. At that point we will honor requests for prescriptions for retail pharmacies to administer vaccine.

Even with the large number of people we service through the flu clinic people are usually in and out in about 30 minutes.

See you Tuesday the 15th!