Drive Up Flu Vaccine Info and Scheduling

We are excited to provide a new way to get your kids vaccinated this year! Drive up vaccination is a safe and efficient way to get your flu vaccine out of the way quickly.
Established patients are welcome to use this service. If you want to have your child become a patient of ours, call the office and schedule an appointment and we will get to know you and provide vaccine at that time.
For our established patients here are the details:
Scheduling your visit
Click the schedule button button below and select a time slot for each FAMILY (UP TO 4 CHILDREN PER TIME SLOT). Complete the form that follows for each family. Failure to complete the form will cause us to remove the appointment from the list due to our need to have things run smoothly on the days of the appointments.
Preparing for your drive up vaccine visit
All children will remain in the vehicle
Children under 2 must have thighs available (no time to undress them there!) so a onesie or shorts makes sense.
Children 2 and older must have upper arms available so wear short sleeve shirts. (no jackets or sweatshirts please)
All kids 4 and older and all adults must wear masks.
What to expect when you get here
Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time to avoid traffic jams.
Staff will greet you, take forehead temps of the kids, and confirm demographic and health info.
The staff member will then prepare vaccines and either open the car door or vaccinate through the open window if a child is old enough and you will be on your way!
What happens if needs to be calmed down after the vaccine is given?
We will have a ‘cooling off’ area away from the flow of cars that families can use to recover before heading out if preferred.