Birmingham and Campground Pediatrics are now regular contributors to Beaumont Parenting Program’s Blog!

Did you hear the news?! The team of providers at Birmingham and Campground Pediatrics was asked to contribute articles regularly for the Beaumont Parenting Program’s blog! We are very excited!

As many of you know the award winning Parenting Program has been around for over 20 years. The program has grown from offering monthly group sessions for new parents with infants to a program with ongoing education for parents of children of all ages through its blog Parent Talk. The small group focus at the start of life provides education, support, and some fun. For many groups, these early relationships become life-long friendships fort the parents and children alike.

The Parenting Program has in-person sessions, educational workshops, as well as a newsletter and blog that we are now regular contributors to! Dr Molly was the first to author an article on ‘Medications Every Parent Should Have On Hand and Hopefully Never Need to Use!’

We are so excited to be part of this great group and will be diligently working to turn in our assignments! The next topics we’ve been assigned are: Vaccine Importance (August is Vaccine Awareness month) and Back to School Tips for kids of all ages. Feel free to give us your best back to school tip!

Look for links to these articles coming soon!