Urgent Question?
Call us 24/7.

If the office is closed and you have a medically urgent question, please call 248.816.2558 and press 8 to hear the contact number for the provider on call. You will be able to reach the provider on call from the time the office closes until the office reopens.

Non-Urgent Question?
Email any time.

Emails are answered between 7am and 10pm every day for non-urgent medical questions. Examples of typical emails are those to determine whether your child should be seen or follow up questions after an appointment. Long standing issues like headaches, stomach aches, constipation, behavioral issues, and complex issues need a telemed or in person appointment. Call the office to schedule!

Remember to access information on our symptom checker and medication doser to help guide you as well!

Providers do answer their emails in between patient appointments throughout the day and will answer your email within 2 hours.

The daily email provider listed answers emails from 7am to 4:30pm. The on-call provider answers email between 4:30pm and 10pm. On the weekends, the on-call provider answers emails between 7am and 10pm.

To see who is on call or who the designated email provider is each day please click on the calendar to the right.

Click here to send an email to the email or on call provider:

NP Lori: NPLORI@birminghampediatrics.com

Dr Molly: DRMOLLY@birminghampediatrics.com

Dr Yasmin: DRYASMIN@birminghampediatrics.com

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