Flu Clinic 2 November 11th 6-7:30pm

Back by popular demand! Flu Clinic 2 for kids of all ages (well 6 months and older). We will have injectible vaccine only available due to manufacturing issues with the Flumist. The injectible vaccine cannot make you or anyone else sick in your household since it’s not a live virus vaccine and although it’s a shot, we are great at getting it done quickly to minimize the tears and fears at the Flu Clinic.

Other common questions about injectible flu vaccine:

You can get flu vaccine if you have a mild illness or are on antibiotics as long as you haven’t had fever of 100.4 or higher in the previous 24 hours.

You can get flu vaccine even with a baby in the household.

You can get flu vaccine even with an immunocompromised household member.

You can get this flu vaccine even if you have received other vaccines recently.

Flu vaccine can be given to egg allergic children as long as they don’t have anaphylaxis to egg.

We will be having a third Flu Clinic towards the end of November so if this date doesn’t work for you keep checking the website for the next one!