Same Day Appointment or Walk in? Which is right for you?

We strive to meet your family’s needs every day. With same day appointments for sick kids and daily walk ins we will make sure your sick child is seen! We have daily afternoon walk ins and morning walk in times on Mondays too. Walk ins are designed to provide a quick appointment for kids whose symptoms have been going on for less than a couple of weeks and are straightforward.

Stomach aches, constipation, long term headaches, and issues in school are often too complex for walk ins though. These kinds of issues and others need the extra time an appointment provides. Babies under 2 months old are also best served by scheduling an appointment.

Great examples of walk ins are: sore throat, cough and cold symptoms, fever, pink eye, and rash.

Great examples of appointments are: stomach aches off and on for weeks or more, long term headaches that have gotten worse, severe asthma/wheezing symptoms, and urine symptoms in kids who aren’t potty trained.

We always have same day appointments for sick kids too! Walk ins are never the only option when the day starts. Call early for an appointment if that’s the best option for your child. We are your partners in care and look forward to helping you through the sick season!